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Over 40 Years of Experience and Credentials in the Alarm and Security Industry.
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Residential Security Systems

Protect your home from all threats with a quality installation customized to your property. Feel at ease with our heroic customer service.

Commercial Security Systems

Prevent the loss of crucial assets and private data with a comprehensive security installation.

Heroic Customer Service

When production is your livelihood, take no chances in securing your investments with the best security system, tailored for you.

"All security systems are not created equal. We help make sure that you have real security, not a false sense of security."

Fire Alarms & Life Safety
Access Control Systems
Video Surveillance
Central Station Alarm Monitoring
Carbon Monoxied Alarm
Gas Detection Alarm
Ambush, Panic and Holdup Systems
Remote Encrypted Access
Radio Backup for Cut Phone Lines
Environment Temperature Detection
Water Leak Detection
Wireless Systems
We Wrote the Book The Alarm Science Manual™ is a first of its kind authoritative peer reviewed forensic treatise on security systems.
  • The Alarm Science Manual™ provides expert knowledge and resources.
  • Forensic knowledge, advanced methodologies, countermeasures.
  • Technical expertise and expert guidance for professional alarm companies.
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