The Alarm Science Manual Publication Announced

The Alarm Science Manual Publication Announced

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Zwirn Corporation, Announces Publication of the Peer Reviewed The Alarm Science Manual by Jeffrey D. Zwirn, CPP, CFPS, CFE, FACFEI, CHS-III, SET, CCI, FASI&T, MBAT, its President, and 17 year active New York City Police Department Expert Instructor.

The August 1st, 2014 publication of the peer reviewed The Alarm Science Manual is a first of its kind authoritative forensic treatise for persons involved in the security survey, need analysis, system design, recommendation, application, installation, service, maintenance, inspection, repair, testing and monitoring of all types of residential, commercial, and industrial security alarm and life safety systems.

The Alarm Science Manual™ provides expert assistance, forensic knowledge, advanced methodologies, countermeasures, technical expertise, and expert guidance for professional alarm companies; UL Listed Central Stations; security consultants; Certified Protection Professionals; Physical Security Professionals; security directors; system designers, specifiers; detectives and investigators; special investigation units; arson investigators; cause and origin investigators; civil and criminal legal professionals, Courts; engineers; certified fraud examiners; homeland security professionals; consumers; authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ’s), public and private corporations; undergraduate and graduate students who have enrolled and/or who have earned their degree in criminal justice; homeland security; and/or security management curriculum; law enforcement and governmental agencies.

Here is an example of what alarm, security, and legal industry experts have to say and peer reviewed about the The Alarm Science Manual™:

The Alarm Science Manual™- Spellbinding, Mesmerizing, Captivating.

A truly gifted teacher and subject matter expert, Jeffrey is one of our industry’s masters who now has taken his wealth of knowledge and penned what I am sure will quickly become a must read for anyone who wants to make a living in this industry “the right way.”

The Alarm Science Manual™ is the first of its kind in the Security Alarm Industry and a welcoming addition to any alarm dealer’s “tool box.” Ignore Mr. Zwirn’s guidance, tips, strategies, and warnings in this industry bible at your own risk. There is good reason he is one of the most respected and sought after alarm experts in the United States. It would do you well to listen to him. This manual is peppered with “life safety” and “company saving” gems which, if followed, will most certainly reduce your risk of having to spend some unpleasant and unwelcome time with litigation attorneys like myself!

Enjoy the read and the education—I most certainly did.


Don’t walk- RUN to get a copy of The Alarm Science Manual™ by Jeffrey Zwirn, CPP. If you install, service, test, inspect, or monitor security systems this is a MUST READ. Learn how to minimize your liability on all types of electronic security systems, from fire and burglary to panic and carbon monoxide alarms. Mr. Zwirn’s extensive experience with forensic investigations of systems that failed is critical in ensuring the same does not happen to you.

You will read firsthand about systems that did not function or were circumvented, leading to catastrophic losses. Read this manual to discover why alarm systems failed and what you can do to prevent a disastrous loss for your company and for the persons who rely on security systems to protect their assets and personnel.

I was surprised to discover a new level of in-depth scientific and technical alarm information which has never been provided to the alarm industry before. The Alarm Science Manual™ does just that in going behind the scenes and forensically examining court cases where “electronic security” didn’t live up to its name. I can safely bet that every alarm company owner or professional technician who reads this book will have a newly found respect for each of their duties and tasks. Whether readers dive into this text mid-stream, or start from the first chapter, all will eventually experience the author’s skilled intent to ensure that the reader is provided with the awareness and importance of doing it right, or accepting the serious negative consequences of its actions and inactions from doing it wrong.

Readers will discover highly advanced methodologies from Zwirn that they can adopt and integrate into their own business model which may save their customers from loss, serious personal injury, and even death. If The Alarm Science Manual™ readers follow Zwirn’s expert advice and guidance it could dramatically improve the way they conduct their businesses.

About Us:
Zwirn Corporation is an alarm and security consultation, expert witness, and training authority providing nationwide services on all issues related to security alarm and life safety systems. The company is headed by its founder, industry veteran, and president, Jeffrey D. Zwirn, CPP, CFPS, CFE, FACFEI, CHS-III, SET, CCI, FASI&T, MBAT, who is nationally recognized as being an expert in the forensic study of security alarm and life safety systems, physical and general security, and training to and acceptance by the technical communities of the alarm, central station, security, investigative, and law enforcement communities.

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Jeffrey D. Zwirn, CPP, CFPS, CFE, FACFEI, CHS-III, SET, CCI, FASI&T, MBAT, President

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